Electronics Test & Handling

Electronics test & handling robots from Brooks Automation ensure product quality, consistent productivity and peace-of-mind to OEMs, ODMs, EMS and contract manufacturers. PreciseFlex collaborative robots are ideal for in-circuit testing, functional testing, flash programming and transferring electronics between production machines. 

With features like vision-enabled grippers, low collision forces and near-zero maintenance, PreciseFlex collaborative are an asset you can trust to help keep production lines running 24/7. Often with an ROI of less than twelve months, even for small and midsize production facilities.

PreciseFlex 3400 Cobot

PreciseFlex 100 Cartesian

For PCA testing, PresiceFlex robots are ideal for loading In-circuit testers, functional testers, flying probe, and other testers.

Fully-integrated electric Servo Grippers make it easy to get started. The gripper position and gripping force can be adjusted specifically for your application.

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(3kg payload) - Ideal for small parts handling, kitting, and electronics testing

PreciseFlex 100 Cartesian

(3-6 kg payload) - The only collaborative Cartesian robot that offers a space-saving design with speed and safety.