The use of automation in analytical applications has numerous benefits and advantages in lab automation.

1. Automation enables the processing of large volumes of samples and data, allowing for the collection and analysis of vast amounts of information. This improves laboratory efficiency, reduces turnaround time, and improves overall productivity.

2. Automation reduces the risk of errors and variability in data, thus improving the accuracy and reliability of analytical results.

3. Automation can help in maintaining data consistency and standardization, which results in better analytical outcomes, reduces the need for human intervention, and increases the reproducibility of results.

4. Automation can free up laboratory staff to focus on more complex tasks and analyses, which improves the overall quality of laboratory services.

Overall, the use of automation in analytical applications in lab automation can lead to more efficient, accurate, and reliable results, with the potential to improve research outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance patient care.

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Automation for Analytical applications can take many forms. From Analytical Chemistry to Food & Beverage, and Consumer Products.

Brooks AIM range of autosamplers are designed for automating sample introduction into a wide range of scientific instrumentation.


Fast, compact autosampler

Flexible autosampler, Holds 3 sample racks and up to 2 standard racks.

The highest capacity autosampler in our range.  Hold 7 sample racks and up to 2 standard racks.

Setting the bar in innovative autosampler design.  Holds 4 sample racks and 1 standard rack.

PreciseFlex Sample Handlers and Cobots

PreciseFlex Cobots boost flexibility and agility. build operational resilience, and augment the workforce to address labor shortages.

Sample Handler is ideal for benchtop applications
where safety, ease of use, and space savings are critical.

(3kg payload) - Ideal for sample handling when more payload is needed.

(8kg payload) - The latest generation of cobots with a tall Z-axis and large cylindrical work envelope of 900mm.