Software Updates

The following table contains downloads for the latest versions of software and documentation for all of Brooks's products.  Each version is uniquely identified by its Version ID that contains a version number followed by a revision number and an edit letter/number sequence. A change in the version number indicates that the software release includes substantial new features and functionality.  While every effort is made to maintain backwards compatibility, new versions may contain some limited incompatibilities and may require a new software license.  A change in the revision number indicates the addition of minor new features and few, if any, incompatibilities with previous software releases.  A change in the edit letter/number sequence indicates that the software only includes new bug fixes relative to the last release and is fully backwards compatible. For more information on the contents of a software release, please see the “Release Notes” section of the latest Brooks Automation Documentation Library. To download a file, click on the Version ID.

ProductVersion IDRelease DateDescription
GDSJuly 18, 2024
  • Added support for Auto Teach
  • Added support for Vision Server scan
  • Added Classifier Vision tool
  • Added improvements to Sequencing tool
PreciseFlex Utilities Installer4.0.1.6June 20, 2024A collection of utilities used with GDE and GDS for configuring and managing controllers.
March 20, 2024

New release of Guidance Developer Studio 5.0 that replaces GDS 4.x and earlier. New features include:

  • Complete product refresh
  • Better GPL offline and online programming tools.
  • Improved GPO editor
  • Global find and replace options 
GPLGPL 4.3 c5
April 6, 2023

Production release of GPL 4.3.  Adds support for enhanced dual arm PRsRR, RPRR, and RPR kinematics.  Improve web browser compatibility.  Add web pages for payload change and safety zones.  Increase max user tasks to 64.  Add support for Panasonic A5 serial absolute encoder type 50.  Change timeouts to accommodate new power supply.  Bug fixes.  See the Release Notes in the Documentation Library for a more complete list of the changes.

TCP Command Server (TCS)3.0 C1May 30, 2021

This application is written in the GPL (Guidance Programming Language) and allows a PC or other host to operate a robot by sending simple string commands to a PreciseFlex™ controller via Ethernet TCP/IP. An alternate configuration allows commands over standard serial lines. 

Once TCS is installed and configured, a PreciseFlex™ controller acts as a command server for multiple independent robots. It includes commands to move the robots, monitor status, and perform digital I/O operations. 

All of the basic TCS is open source, which allows end users to alter it for a specific application using the Guidance Development Environment (GDE). 

See file "Release-notes.txt" for changes included with each version. 

NOTE: Older versions of TCS, which you can find in the Archive,  may not be compatible with current versions (i.e. version 3.0 is not compatible with 2.1).  This software is unsupported and is provided as a convenience for our customers. Brooks does not guarantee that this software will operate properly or without bugs or that it is appropriate for any use to which it may be applied. 

PreciseVision4.0.2.8-32 BIT BIT
October 2, 2020

Updated production release of PreciseVision version 4.0 for Windows 7/8/10. Does not support Windows XP. There are separate installations for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Supports IDS uEye USB and IDS GigE Ethernet cameras. Supports uEye Camera Driver 4.91.0. Supports many DirectShow cameras. Does not support Dalsa Genie Ethernet cameras. Compatible with version 3.* licenses.

This update adds a camera hardware preferences checkbox "[ ] Scan unmapped cameras at startup". Uncheck only if you have multiple PV systems on a single PC. Also makes additional finder template properties accessible remotely: ScoreHiResMin, ScoreLoResMin, PercentageClipped.

GDS4.0.1.2Sept 3, 2020Updated release of GDS 4.0. Its new features include:  
  • Includes latest GPL version 4.2 documentation.
  • Required for GCU to access the revised Brooks Automation firmware library.
  • Fixes occasional exceptions in the Datalogger.
  • Adds timing information to Guidance Update output.
  • Includes all updates from
CalPPRev 38April 7, 2020

This application is written in the GPL (Guidance Programming Language) and is used to set the zero positions of all of the axes of robots sold by Brooks. After this software is executed, the Home function can be executed whenever the robot is powered on to re-establish the absolute position of the robot. This application should only be executed if there is a problem with the robot and the zero positions are lost (e.g. if the encoder battery has to be replaced, an axis must be repaired and a motor is replaced, etc.). 

This application is executed on each new robot in Brooks's factory before a robot is shipped, and a copy of this code is provided in the robot's flash drive. 

For custom robots that utilize PreciseFlex™ Guidance Controllers, this software can be used as a reference design for your development of your own factory calibration procedure.  For custom robots, this software is unsupported and is provided as a convenience for our customers and Brooks does not guarantee that this software will operate properly or without bugs or that it is appropriate for any use to which it may be applied.

GPL ECAT4.2 J2 ECAT March 6, 2020

GPL version 4.2 release that includes EtherCAT master software for controlling EtherCAT slave motion devices that conform to device profile CiA 402 for servo drives.  Do not use this version of GPL unless you have contacted Brooks for special instructions on its use.  Not all EtherCAT slaves are compatible with this system.

RIO4.2 J2March 6, 2020

Production release of RIO 4.2.  Includes all GPL 4.2 J2 software changes.

uEye Camera DriverVersion 4.91.0
32 bit
64 bit
February 12, 2019

Version 4.91.0 of IDS uEye camera drivers for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Supports both USB and Ethernet cameras. Can be used with PreciseVision and later. Required for newer IDS camera models. 

Guidance Dispense2.0.0.1January 7, 2011

Updated production release of Guidance Dispense 2.0.  Fixes incompatibility with GPL 3.0 and later. Fixes "Move Safe Recovery" issue for non-Cartesian robots.