Machine Tending

Machine tending robots increase productivity, improve quality, and free people for more meaningful work. PreciseFlex collaborative robots are used to load and unload machines like CNCs, lathes, injection molding, laser marking, leak testing, punch presses, stamping presses, etc. Automated machine tending is needed across industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Metals, Plastics, Electronics, Med Devices, and Consumer Packaged Goods.

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For a majority of machine tending applications, 4-axes or less are sufficient. The PreciseFlex DD 6-axis robot is available when full articulation is needed. Our robots can be easily adapted to changing workflows. Fully-integrated electric Servo Grippers with adjustable position and gripping force are available to help you get started.

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(3kg payload) - Ideal for small parts handling, kitting, and electronics testing

(8kg payload) - The latest generation of cobots with tall Z-axis and large cylindrical work envelop

(6kg payload) - The latest generation of cobots with 6-axis articulation, tall Z-axis, and large cylindrical work envelop