Tube Sealer Module

The Tube Sealer Module is designed to automate the post-analytical function of re-capping an open specimen collection tube on your IVD analyser or automation system without creating any additional complexity. 

Product Overview

The Tube Sealer Module, cuts a foil seal from a roll of capping foil in-situ, then crimps and welds the foil seal over the top of the tube. It seals a range of plastic tubes from 12mm to 17mm in diameter and from 65mm to 120mm in height. The roll of capping foil installed on the TSM can generate 20,000 tube seals.

It is the only system on the market that is fully electric, removing the need to use any pneumatics or vacuum – keeping the automation process simple. With no routinely replaceable parts and a maintenance interval of at least 250,000 tubes, reliability is a key design criterion.

The Tube Sealer Module also uses a completely new heat transfer mechanism to weld the foil seal to the top of the tube significantly reducing energy usage, improving user safety (not hot to the touch) and lowering operating costs. Energy levels can be controlled to achieve a rapid “ready” state. Seal quality can be varied by simply varying the weld time.

The Tube Sealer Module can be customised to suit your analysing or automation platform enabling you to streamline your development time frame and take advantage of the latest cutting edge in sealing technology.

Key Specifications

Key Specifications
Dimensions~22cm W x 32cm D x 52cm H (demonstration unit)
Power Consumption24VDC, up to 45W
Compressed AirNot Required
Tube Dimensions12 – 17mm diameter, typically 65 – 120mm in height
(depends on the carrier and track design)
ThroughputUp to 600 tubes/hour (depends on installation conditions and required seal performance)
Tube Types- Various blood collection tubes materials (such as PP, PETG, PS)
- Not suitable for glass tubes.
Foil Seal MaterialAluminium foil with one side laminated
Foil Seal QualityWeld time configurable by tube size

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