Low-Frequency RFID Readers

ATR60LF Reader

The Brooks ATR60LF RFID Reader is the consolidated reader of the ATR9100/9180 and LF60C SoliD reader.

With its wide range of technical features and favorable price, the ATR60LF Reader combines cost efficiency and high performance.

The ATR60LF Reader communicates with passive TIRIS™ transponders on an LF frequency of 134.2 kHz. Captured data are sent via a serial RS232interface (ASCII or SECS) or Ethernet (ASCII or HSMS) to the higher-level system. An automatic antenna calibration can be started by using a DIP switch. The system adapts to its surroundings and adjusts the optimized read/write range for the selected antenna.

The reader offers a visual test mode for easy integration. Read and write capability can be tested by using DIP switches. A number of integrated LEDs display the particular operating status. The RFID reader also features functionality to inspect antennas and automatically recognize hardware errors.

The Brooks ATR60LF RFID reader is available in two versions: 

  • BNC version supports all standard AdvanTag antennas
  • SMA version supports all standard LF60 antennas

Key Features:

  • Stationary short-range reader with BNC or SMA antenna connector
  • TIRIS™ tag compatible
  • Automatic antenna calibration
  • Monitoring of antenna circuit for guaranteed function
  • RS232 and/or Ethernet interface
  • I/Os for inputs and outputs
  • Visual test mode for easy integration
  • Multiple LEDs for status indication
  • Automatic protocol recognition
    • BNC version supports all AdvanTag protocols


Dimensions110 x 80 x 35mm / 4.2 x 3.2 x 1.4 inches
Weight180g / Approximately 6.35 ozs.
Operating temperature0°C to 50°C / 32°F to 122°F
Storage temperature-20°C to 70°C / -4°F to 158°F
Permissible humidity25% to 80% at 50°C / 122°F
Protection modeIP40
HousingPS (Polystyrene)
Voltage18-30V DC

LF80C ZeniD RFID Reader

The RFID reader LF80C ZeniD is a read/write system of extraordinary quality and functionality. The device uses the frequency LF 134.2 kHz and communicates with TIRIS™ transponders. Captured data are sent to the higher-level system via a serial interface (RS232). At the touch of a button, a test mode can be started in which the system adapts to its surroundings and adjusts the perfect read/write range for the antenna. In addition, a test button allows the inspection of all functions without interrupting the operation of the overall system.

An integrated automatic synchronization function using the air interface allows trouble-free reading operations while simultaneously operating a number of readers in the direct vicinity.

These functions make it easy to integrate the device into the process periphery and allow for handling the system without the need for a comprehensive RFID understanding.

The RFID reader LF80C ZeniD has several LEDs to display the device's status. They provide information on the current operational mode, voltage, antenna mode, and read/write status as well as displaying I/O signals.

An LED for showing the operating status or read status and a sensor for triggering the read cycle can be connected via an additional digital input and output (LEMO connectors). Four different standard antennas with LEMO connectors and with cable lengths of up to 5 m are available.

On request, the LF80C ZeniD is also available with an Ethernet interface.

Key Features:

  • Status indication LEDs
  • Test mode
  • Various antennas available
  • Automatic antenna tuning
  • Auto-synchronization with surrounding readers
  • RS232 serial interface (optional Ethernet)
  • ASCII protocol (others on request)


ProtocolASCII / SECS; HSMS optional
InterfaceRS232 / Ethernet optional
Dimensions172 x 80 x 43 mm | 6.8 x 3.2 x 1.7 in.
Weight440 g | 15.5 oz

Low-Frequency F40C THR RFID Reader

RFID Reader LF40C THR is an easy-to-operate read/write device to transfer transponder data to a computer for users who want to replace barcodes with RFID. The RFID Reader LF40C THR is connected to the PC via a USB interface. The device is connected directly to the computer. The device with keyboard emulation can be connected to a running PC. The reader automatically detects the driver and subsequently starts the installation.

The reading operation starts at the touch of a button. If identification was successful, the device confirms this by a signal and a flashing LED. The collected data are transferred to the PC via a USB interface and can be displayed and processed in any input field or text document.

RFID Reader LF40C THR is an easy-to-operate read/write device to transfer transponder data to a computer for users who want to replace barcodes with RFID.

The RFID reader is configured via the Set button. The individual settings can be changed at the touch of a button and can be visualized in ASCII or HEX format in a text document on the screen. If the device is used in combination with an emulated COM port, data transfer is carried out using an ASCII protocol.

Key Features:

  • Mobile RFID reader
  • Replacement for barcode reader
  • Quick installation
  • Operation at the touch of a button
  • Emulated serial interface of keyboard emulation


Part number
Cable length
TLH-U2K-0R30-SM-0010Keyboard emulation, cable length 3m, straight cable
TLH-U2K-0R50-SM-0010Keyboard emulation, cable length 5m, straight cable
TLH-U2K-0R50-SM-0020Keyboard emulation, cable length 5m, spiral cable

Output formatASCII or Hex
Dimensionsapprox. 185 x 90 x 60 mm / 7.3 x 3.5 x 2.4 inches
Cable lengthDifferent cable types and lengths are available
(e.g. 3m or 5m / 118.11 inches or 196.85 inches)
Weight220g / 7.1 ozs.
Housting materialABS
Protection classIP40
Operating temperature-25°C to 70°C / -13°F to 158°F
Storage temperature-40°C to 85°C / -40°F to 185°F
Voltage5V +/- 5%
Current (active mode)150 mA
Current (passive mode)10