PreciseFlex 100 Cartesian Collaborative Robot

Payload: 3 kg 

The PreciseFlex 100 is the only intrinsically collaborative cartesian robot available. It is ideal for many small parts handling applications delivering high speed and high reliability in a compact footprint.

Available with 685mm and 1,270mm X-axis, and 230 mm Z-axis the PreciseFlex 100 is a bolt-on collaborative robot that can be mounted over existing conveyors and other equipment.

Applications include Part Transfer / Pick & Place, and Small Parts Handling

Get Started

PreciseFlex 100 Cartesian

With their space-saving footprint and highest workspace density, PreciseFlex robots make the most of your floor space. The controller is embedded in the robot, and there are no bulky robot cables to deal with.

Our optional servo grippers also make it easy to get started.