PreciseVision is a machine vision software package designed for motion guidance applications.

PreciseVision comes with a powerful set of tools for locating, identifying, measuring, and inspecting parts. A Finder tool locates and identifies parts regardless of their position, orientation, or size in a camera’s field of view, based upon a single picture taken to train the object.

PreciseVision is intended for applications such as locating fiducials on circuit boards, feeding parts from trays or conveyor belts, sampling fluids and solids in the life science industries, and assembling precision parts in the electronics and mechanical parts industries.

The integration of PreciseVision and Guidance Controllers results in a system that can capture, analyze, and put corrections into effect dozens of times per second, making visual servo-ing practical.

Key Benefits:

  • Simplifies the process of incorporating vision information into a motion application.
  • Automatically handles complex processes such as processing and analyzing images, extracting key locations and dimensions, transforming the information into the coordinate system of a robot, and transmitting the results to the motion controller.
  • Process sequence display allows the user to chain multiple tools together.