Guidance Motion Controller

The Guidance Motion Controller provides four-axis motion control in a compact and cost-effective package that you can hold in your hand.

The Guidance Motion Controller is a vision-guided, multi-axis robotic controller, complete with motion control, drives, IO, network communications, machine vision, and conveyor tracking capabilities.

The controller contains an embedded web server that permits access from anywhere in the world. Applications, as well as diagnostic information, can be uploaded or downloaded from remote sites, allowing collaborative development and fast customer service.

Key Benefits:

  • Multiple controllers can be networked together to control mechanical systems from 1-32 axes.
  • Compact design can have up to 6 motor drives and still fit inside a robot’s structure.
  • Extensive library of kinematic solutions enables control for a variety of robots.
  • Continuous path planning in real-time reduces motion times and generates smoother paths.