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PreciseFlex 100

The PreciseFlex™ 100 is the world’s only collaborative cartesian robot.

The PreciseFlex™ 100 achieves fast speeds and accelerations and ensures both ease-of-use and safety that meets ISO/TS 15066 standards.

As a lightweight robot, the PreciseFlex™ 100 can be carried, mounted on a tabletop, and easily set up by one person using either an easy-to-use web-based interface or an optional advanced programming environment.

A cartesian design allows for extremely small, cost-saving work cells, and customers only need to purchase the number of axes needed.

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent spacing and a cost-saving design allows customers to purchase only the number of axes needed.
  • Cartesian design allows for extremely small, cost-saving work cells.
  • Provides access to a full rectangular XY region.

With a focus on built-in safety and ease of use, PreciseFlex™ robots can be deployed and operated by users in environments where space is limited and access to the work cell must be shared.