PreciseFlex 400 Robot

These PreciseFlex™ robots are available in four-axis configurations. PreciseFlex™ 400 four-axis configuration has a servo gripper for handling plates stored in stacks.

The PreciseFlex™ 400 is an autosampler developed specifically for benchtop applications where price, ease-of-use, space requirements, and safety are critical.

The PreciseFlex™ 400 line has been adopted by nearly every major life science/laboratory automation company as their robot of choice, with integration into a host of life science OEM products.

The PreciseFlex 400 sample handler was developed specifically for bench-top applications where throughput, work volume, ease-of-use, and safety are critical.  It has been adopted by nearly every major life science/laboratory automation company and is designed into of a wide range of OEM products.

The industry standard for lab automation

The robot has four-axes, and a horizontal reach of 433 mm (standard) and 588 mm (extended).  It is available with 400, 750 or 1,160 mm vertical reach (Z-axis). It includes a servo gripper for handling tubes and/or microtiter plates.

With embedded controller and connectivity for external equipment, our robots easy to set up.  Configuration and programming are done from GuidanceMotion, our easy-to-use web interface, or from GPL, our advanced programming language.  The robot can also be controlled by sending commands via our TCP interface.

The robot can be set up using either an easy-to-use web-based interface or an optional advanced programming environment.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Free lab personnel to perform higher level tasks
  • Increase capacity by operating lab over 2nd and 3rd shifts
  • Space-saving design enables the robot to reach many stations while keeping the footprint small
  • The optional linear rail extends the horizontal reach up to 2 meters
  • Servo gripper enables the robot to pick microtiter plates in  portrait and landscape mode, and individual test tubes.
  • Servo gripper also provides collision/drop detection as well as squeeze force control
  • Free-mode makes teaching locations fast and easy
  • Auto-centering enables the robot to handle sample variations while reducing failures

Our robots are the fastest collaborative robots available, while meeting the collaborative robot safety standards.  This enables higher throughput, with safe operation for people, instrumentation and other equipment. 

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Speed and safety work hand in hand through low gear ratios, extremely low friction back drivable axes and moving masses, and advanced motion control technology.