Onsite Support

We are a valued extension of our customer’s own engineering, manufacturing and product support activities and we are viewed as a critical element of our customer’s strategies and their own pathways to success. 

Brooks Onsite Support consists of both local and regional technical experts, available throughout the globe, to provide timely and local support to our customers at their facilities.

We develop and deliver differentiated solutions that range from proprietary products to highly responsive engineering and manufacturing services.  All of this is available through your local Brooks Customer Service Engineer, or our Guaranteed Uptime Support (GUTS ®) 24x7x365 Customer Engineering Support that is accessible to any Brooks customer, anywhere in the world.

Global Infrastructure/Local Presence

  • Close to the Main Fabs 
  • Regionalized Repair Centers
  • Regional Order Management in local languages
  • 125 Customer Service Engineers in the Field
  • Virtual Global Inventory 
  • GUTS – Guaranteed Up-Time Support

Product Experts

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • OEM Design partnership for tool integration
  • “Copy Exactly” Compliance and Tracking
  • Continue Product Improvement Programs
  • Downtime Prevention and Avoidance Tools
  • GOLDLink Enabled Proactive Services
  • Knowledge Based Systems