Fab Productivity Services

Brooks Fab Productivity Services are available to help you leverage our vast product portfolio for maximum results. Our highly skilled and experienced technical resources take a focused approach to project deliver and program execution that is designed to optimize your tool availability, yield and asset management for reduced unscheduled downtime and increased fab productivity.

The primary goal of Brooks Fab Productivity Services is to provide value-added solutions that address your most pressing challenges and help them achieve their top priorities in day-to-day fab operations. A Fab Productivity Services engagement can deliver one solution or a combination of solutions to best meet your objectives. Our technical experts will even help you secure solutions from other vendors in the unlikely event that Brooks does not offer a product to address their specific needs.

Brooks Fab Productivity Services engagements are designed to:

  • Solve end-user problems and take productivity to the next level
  • Strengthen our local relationships
  • Foster two-way knowledge sharing in collaborative environment
  • Validate Brooks value with measurable results that directly address customer needs
  • Provide insights that allow Brooks to anticipate future Services development requirements
  • Drive higher productivity and accelerate innovation at your wafer fabrication facilities

For additional information about Brooks Fab Productivity Services or to discuss a specific engagement, please submit a Contact Request.