Razor™ Atmospheric Robot Repair

Reliance Robot Repair

Leveraging multiple generations of automation standards established by Equipe and MagnaTran®, the Razor™ Atmospheric Transfer Robot provides a high-performance, low-risk hardware foundation for meeting the increasingly stringent automation requirements of today's world-class semiconductor manufacturers.

Optimized to meet the cleanliness standards of advanced semiconductor manufacturing, Razor features patented direct drive technology to deliver superior reliability and smooth motion control for the lowest possible vibration and cleanest particle performance. Brooks Automation’s motion control expertise enables Razor robots to transfer wafers using edge contact — not grip — with maximum cleanliness and wafer protection, while maintaining the highest levels of throughput and repeatability.

Designed for manufacturability and end-of-line configurability, Razor modules provide high quality out of the box and support fast product installation and reduced lead times. Razor products take advantage of the highly configurable Fusion™ Controls automation control solution to meet a wide variety of tool application requirements. What’s more, the modular Razor design supports the ability to seamlessly change tool configurations as application needs evolve or tool shipment designs change.

The Razor Atmospheric Robot combines leading-edge hardware and software. Its open architecture and modular platform enable tools to meet emerging automation needs while reducing the need for revalidation. Razor supports fast, intuitive set-up and installation and eliminates the need to design a new automation solution for each tool release, thereby dramatically reducing lead times. Razor products are designed to maximize operational efficiency by minimizing handling, set-up, and redundant operation steps. Razor’s modular design allows customers to customize their field-replaceable unit (FRU) package to align with their mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) strategy and keep unscheduled downtime to a minimum.

The Brooks Advantage

  • One Stop Global shop for the widest range of Brooks, Equipe, PRI and Yaskawa robots
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer: product technical experts and design engineers
  • Repairs available in all regions that have major semiconductor fabs
  • Repair Levels:
  • Exchange seed units available in all regions
  • Upgrades and CIP added to repairs
  • ISO Certified repairs using only Brooks parts
  • Uniform global repairs processes to maintain consistent quality and performance
  • Fixed lead times for all products, independent of service level
  • Customized repair agreements available for all robots

Razor Fixed Price Robot Repair Options

Service Level Description Warranty
Functional Repair Provides minimal repairs required to meet production test specifications 90 days on entire unit
Enhanced Repair with Preventative Maintenance Functional Repair service PLUS Preventative Maintenance to address high-wear parts, as necessary, to prevent anticipated failure 12 months on entire unit
Refurbishment Complete rebuild of unit to meet new operational specification of the unit as defined by Brooks Engineering. The unit's cosmetics will be replaced as necessary. 12 months on entire unit

A Brooks Certified Repair is the right choice for customers who want professional high quality services. These repairs are designed to optimize aging product performance and achieve optimal lifetime for all your automation equipment.

Razor Robot Repair Features

  • Detailed repair evaluation reports
  • Adherence to copy exact
  • Cosmetic repair options
  • Indepth failure analysis options

Proactive Agreements

For larger installed base customers, service agreements are available coupled with either the Enhanced Preventative Maintenance or Refurbishment service level to include exchange units. These agreements provide readily available spare units to support your operational up time requirements. This program helps customers manage equipment maintenance proactively to reduce unexpected down time, while the fixed price allows your operation to budget and forecast its maintenance expense.