Repairs & Exchanges

Brooks Global Customer Support offers a Fixed Price Repair program for:

The Fixed Price Repair program is designed to optimize repair service and reduce cycle time by as much as fifty percent for many of our atmospheric/vacuum product lines.

We take a proactive approach to product repair that addresses your most pressing concerns related to tool productivity, unscheduled down time, inventory management, and maintenance budget planning. The repair program offers various service levels, allowing you to choose the best option for your business model and operational efficiency requirements. Please note that the availability of repair service offerings may vary by product line.

Data Sheet

Standard Repair: Standard functional quoted repair or Fixed Price Repair

Enhanced Repair: Functional Repair service plus preventative maintenance to address high-wear parts, as needed, to prevent unexpected failures.

Refurbishment: Rebuild of equipment to like-new condition

Scheduled Exchange: Receive refurbished equipment in exchange for failed equipment. Exchanges can be scheduled ahead of time to coincide with your scheduled preventive maintenance.

Refurbished Equipment: Brooks offers refurbished robots and pumps at reduced prices

Copper Segregation: As part of our Repair Services, we also offer Copper Segregation for those customers that require it.