CTI-Cryogenics Cryopump & Compressor Repair & Refurbishment

Brooks is the original manufacturer of CTI-Cryogenics products.
We offer repair and refurbishment services for:

Repair Process

The cryopump repair process is designed to provide the service customer with the same high outgoing quality levels of our new product as well as the responsiveness expected of a global service operation.  These objectives are achieved through leveraging the strengths of both our factory and our local repair centers.

New Parts

All parts used in the overhaul of our products are identical to those used in the manufacture of new products. Key sub-assemblies, such as the refrigerator drive and the refrigerator assembly, are returned to the factory to be rebuilt and tested on the same assembly line, by the same personnel, using the same processes, and to the same performance standards as new product.  This helps to ensure that the overhauled refrigeration engine performs like new product.


All vacuum components are inspected and designated for reuse or proper disposal in accordance with repair procedures.  All components designated for reuse are cleaned, refurbished, and tested to meet new product performance standards and like-new appearance standards.  Cleaning processes and all waste streams are properly controlled and managed in accordance applicable laws sound environmental practices. 

Final Assembly & Test

Cryopump Final Assembly and Test is performed at local repair centers located strategically around the globe. Factory trained repair personnel use standard procedures to reassemble the vacuum components enabling them to quickly and accurately complete the overhaul of the wide range of cryopump models in use throughout the world.

Quality & Process Improvement

Product and process improvements are incorporated during the overhaul process to ensure the repair meets the same performance criteria for equivalent new products. All Brooks Repair Centers operate as part of the Brooks Quality Management System and participate in the Continuous Improvement Activities Program.