Brooks University

Through the Brooks University, we offer a wide range of training courses featuring certified instructors, flexible curriculum, and a focus on hands-on learning.  All of our training offerings are designed to help customers get the most from their Brooks investment.


Choice of location - Courses are held at the Brooks Training Center in Fremont, California, Chelmsford, Massachusetts and Brooks Korea. We can also arrange to teach classes at customer sites or at one of our regional offices across the globe.

Experienced, knowledgeable instructors ‒ Along with exceptional teaching skills, Brooks’ certified instructors have years of experience in the development, implementation, and use of Brooks equipment, tools and solutions.

Hands-on practice ‒ Every course includes hands-on lab exercises to stimulate a practical understanding of their Brooks’ product and instill the confidence needed to work with it most effectively.

Quality course materials ‒ Our comprehensive training manuals guide you through each class topic and provide a valuable reference tool even long after the course is over.

Personal attention ‒ We limit class size so that each student receives the individual attention needed to derive full benefit from our courses and experience an in-depth hands-on session.

Continuous improvement - We ask our customers to rate our courses so that we can constantly improve our class content and presentation to better meet users' needs.

Customized Offerings  ‒ Tailored courses can be developed to meet specific customer needs and the technical competency of prospective students.

Training Manuals- Training Manuals are supplied to each student who attends a training class. These manuals consist of a soft copy of the Product Manual of concern as well as a hard copy of all training materials covered in the class.