Jet™ Atmospheric Transport System

Brooks consistently delivers the high performance, ultra-cleanliness and proven reliability required for semiconductor wafer processing and other complex manufacturing environments. Our EFEMs are thoroughly tested under the most rigorous fab conditions to ensure industry-leading interoperability with manufacturers’ equipment and processes.

In addition, our atmospheric systems feature high configurability and a wide selection of off-the-shelf options, making them readily adaptable to meet application-specific needs and keep pace with rapidly evolving industry requirements.

Jet, the core atmospheric automation subsystem for all Brooks wafer handling systems, is the first EFEM designed at the system level, enabling customers to build process tools around a common core. Jet features a flexible, modular architecture based on industry standards to enable fast set-up, reduced cycle times, and seamless integration with existing fab equipment and processes. The Brooks Jet family delivers the high-performance ultra-cleanliness and proven reliability that today’s semiconductor manufacturers expect and demand.

Take off with a revolutionary approach to semiconductor wafer handling.

Key Features

  • Crate-to-Operate™ in less than one hour for fast, easy set-up and integration
  • Kinematic mounting system with one-time height and level adjustment
  • Brooks patented direct drive technology and motion control expertise
  • End-of-line configurable options
  • Uniform set of spare for easy part swapping across multiple tools
  • Availability in 2-, 3- and 4-wide configurations