MagnaTran® 8 QuadraFly Vacuum Robot

Enabling Concurrent Exchange of 4 Wafers in Vacuum for High Throughput, Small Containment Applications

The MagnaTran® 8 QuadraFly robot leverages proven SCARA arm technology and reliable direct drive robotics to provide the simultaneous exchange of four wafers in vacuum within a small containment swing diameter. Additionally, the QuadraFly robot extends the benefits of MagnaTran® 8 field proven, direct drive technology to a patented tri-axial drive. Both the tri-axial drive and the QuadraFly Butterfly armset have been designed to accommodate heavier payloads.

The direct magnetic drive technology improves reliability by reducing the number of parts and eliminating the need for a dynamic seal for vacuum isolation. Eliminating the dynamic seal reduces friction, wear, tear and torque resulting in fewer failures. Eliminating stepper motors and/or transmission coupling mechanisms reduces vibration, particles, backlash and increases positional repeatability.

Key Features

  • 4 End-Effector Concurrent Transfer of 4 Wafers In Vacuum
  • High Capacity Direct Drive Technology Without Dynamic Seals, Timing Belts or Cables
  • Proven Reliability > 12.8 Million MCBF
  • Patented Time Optimal Trajectory Motion Control
  • External Controls Located Up To 15’ Away From The Drive
  • User Programmable Robot Access Zones
  • CE And SEMI S2 Compliant
  • 450mm ready


  • Enables Higher Throughput And Tool Productivity Wafers per Hour
  • High Payload Capacity
  • Low Cost Of Ownership
  • UHV Compatibility
  • Wafer And Equipment Safety
  • Global Serviceability
  • Meets International Design And Industry Safety Standards

The combination of the QuadraFly robot's fast swap armset, Time Optimal Trajectory™ continuous rotation and direct drive servos with Brooks proprietary DSP controller provides higher throughput and enables increased productivity.

A user programmable safety zones prevent possible collision during manual operation thereby insuring the safety of high value wafers and process equipment. Comprehensive diagnostics are accomplished via a graphical user interface at a remote, modem linked, service terminal. Error logging with events are time and date stamped. Cycle counters are stored in non-volatile memory and critical performance characteristics are monitored and reported graphically. Multi-Sensor interfacing is accomplished via high speed Digital IO that enables direct interface to peripheral modules such as substrate sensors and valves and other peripheral modules such as valves. Real-time information allows position referencing by edge sensing of moving components. The wafer presence may be referenced in macros sequences for safety.