Reliance ATR Robot

The Reliance ATR family of robots provide the proven performance, reliability, and ultra-cleanliness required for today’s advanced semiconductor manufacturing operations. The Reliance ATR robot utilizes direct drive technology and DSP-based control electronics.

Brooks atmospheric robots and modules are an integral part of high-performance atmospheric wafer handling solutions in Process Equipment and Cluster Tool Front Ends for semiconductor material handling applications. A technology and performance leader, Brooks offers cutting-edge robotics solutions that enable new levels of tool precision while accelerating installation and set-up for each tool shipment. Leveraging multiple generations of industry-leading automation standards, Brooks atmospheric robots and modules provide the optimized mix of throughput, repeatability, and cleanliness required for today’s advanced manufacturing processes.

Key Features

  • High reliability for up to 12.8M MCBF performance
  • Direct drive technology
  • Patented Time Optimal Trajectory™ and Time Optimal Path™ move planning provide up to 20% increase in speed over traditional "S" curve algorithms.
  • 3 or 4 axis options
  • Support for a wide choice of wafer/substrate handling technologies, including high throughput, high cleanliness, and handling of wafers with warpage.
  • Aligner options
  • Standard or high payload options
  • Compliance with SEMI and other industry standards