Atmospheric Razor™ Aligner

Brooks atmospheric robots and modules are an integral part of high-performance atmospheric wafer handling solutions in Process Equipment and Cluster Tool Front Ends for semiconductor material handling applications. A technology and performance leader, Brooks offers cutting-edge robotics solutions that enable new levels of tool precision while accelerating installation and set-up for each tool shipment. Leveraging multiple generations of industry-leading automation standards, Brooks’ atmospheric robots and modules provide the optimized mix of throughput, repeatability, and cleanliness required for today’s advanced manufacturing processes.

The high-performance atmospheric Razor Aligner provides ultra-precise wafer positioning of 200mm, 300mm, or 450mm wafers. Designed for optimal manufacturability, the Razor Aligner and other Razor modules provide high quality out of the box and support fast product installation and reduced lead time. Like all Razor products, the Aligner takes advantage of the Fusion™ Controls automation control solution to enable easy configuration for meeting a wide variety of tool application requirements.

The Razor Aligner provides superior throughput, repeatability, and cleanliness.

Key Features

  • High reliability for up to 10M MCBF performance
  • Buffer shelf for higher throughput with single end effector solutions
  • Passive Edge Contact—not grip—for maximum cleanliness and wafer protection
  • Patented motion control algorithms and Direct Drive for reduced vibration
  • Compliance with SEMI and other industry standards