RX Reticle Stocker and Carrier Buffer

The RX family is an innovative combination of reticle stocker and carrier buffer for manageing the reticles throughout the fab.

The RX is a fully automated reticle management system that combines a reticle and carrier sort and storagesystem for up to 2880 reticles on the smallest footprint.

The reticles are safely stored in patented Tec-Cell® modules, providing an ISO Class 1 micro-environment that can be optionally purged with N2 or xCDA.

The system can be configured to accommodate common RSP150 and MRSP150 reticle carriers. The field upgradeable OHT load-ports enable the system to be integrated in fully automated litho bays

Data Sheet

Key Features

  • Reduction of haze and crystal growth with the patent pending Tec-Cell® storage technology
  • Fastest access time to every single reticle with carrier buffering technology
  • Fault free reticle-selection on every retrieval with the intelligent barcode reader system
  • Simultaneous access by operators and AMHS with independent manual and OHT load-ports
  • Highest reliability based on field proven technology
  • Highest storage density available in the market