ZARIS™ Reticle Automation System

The ZARIS reticle automation system from Brooks reliably automates the handling of 5” and 6” reticles from a wide range of shipping and stepper cassettes. This industry-leading reticle sorter/bright light macro inspection/nitrogen cleaning system prevents the mask damage and mishandling typically encountered in manual inspection processes. By consistently presenting defect-free reticles in the proper orientation, ZARIS improves stepper utilization and reduces lithography rework for improved operational efficiency and bottom-line results.

With a proven record for reliable operation and ease of use, the ZARIS reticle automation system accelerates factory ramp while minimizing reticle and pellicle damage. ZARIS complements the Brooks suite of lithography automation systems including the industry-leading Guardian Reticle Stocker.

Data Sheet

Key Features

  • Reticle sorting, bright light inspection, and nitrogen cleaning
  • Identification of reticles and pellicles
  • Use of ESD-safe materials

Optional Features and Capabilities

  • Optical character recognition for reticle and/or pellicle ID
  • Automated particle detection
  • Pellicle mounting
  • GEM/SECS link