Video: 300mm Jet Common Platform (JCP) with WaferEngine Automation

  • Jet Common Platform (JCP) SEMI Compliant EFEM
  • With WaferEngine Automation, Brooks Vision Load Port Modules, with Standard Light Tower, EMO and GUI Options
  • Two SEMI Standard 300mm FOUPs are opened and docked to the EFEM
  • WaferEngine double-picks two wafers
  • The wafer on lower robot end effector is placed to the Brooks 200/300mm bridge Aligner and aligned
  • Lower “aligned” wafer is picked from the aligner and the wafer on the upper end effector is placed to the aligner
  • “Aligned” wafer is extended while second wafer is aligned
  • The first aligned wafer is returned to other FOUPs
  • A wafer is transferred between the two FOUPs
  • A third wafer is picked and swapped at the aligner with the second wafer
  • The second wafer is extended to a load position and then returned to the original FOUP
  • All wafers are returned to the original locations

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