LF Mini RFID Antenna

Key Features

  • RFID antenna in rod format
  • Various cable lengths available
  • Robust plug guarantees secure connection


Type Rod antenna
Antenna cylinder length 68mm | 2.7 inches
Antenna cylinder diameter 10mm | 0.4 inches
Complete mounting dimensions 85mm | 3.3 inches (cable with 90-degree angle)
Antenna housing PP, light gray
Cable material PVC
Antenna cable diameter 4.1mm | 0.2 inches
Operating temperature 0°C to 50°C | 32°F to 122°F
Storage temperature -25°C to 70°C | -13°F to 158°F
Permissible humidity 25% to 80% at 50°C | 122°F
Part numbers for
LF80C ZeniD
Part numbers for
Cable length
ANT-7K10 1000mm
- ANT-7K12 1200mm
ANT-1K15   1500mm
ANT-1K20 ANT-7K20 2000mm