Video: Brooks Automation leads the market in advanced cryopumps for the semiconductor industry.

Brooks Automation leads the market in advanced cryopumps for the semiconductor industry.

Brooks expertise in cryopump technology is clear. We are the #1 market leader in automation and cryogenics for semiconductor manufacturing.

Our customer relationships are strong with over 200 OEM customers. Our products enable precise reliable handling of sensitive materials in controlled environments. Over the past 40 years, we have been the leader in cryopump technology and innovation - from the first cryopumps for semiconductor manufacturing to the first smart pumps and variable speed compressors.


The On Board IS 320FX Cryopump combines multiple advantages for ion implant: industry-leading pumping speed, capacity, array life, and efficiency. It has the highest hydrogen pumping speed and capacity in its class. The FX array design allows for consistent base pressure limiting dose holds as well. Consistently superior vacuum performance is a hallmark of this advanced cryopump.

The IS 320FX was specifically designed for implant processes and provides the highest hydrogen pumping speed and capacity in its class. In addition, the 320FX maintains over 90% of its initial pumping speed between regenerations, while other cryopumps quickly degratde to less than 80% of their original speed


The On Board IS 8F XP Cryopump is the industry preferred PVD pump for leading edge deposition processes. The 8F XP increases productivity, increases tool utilization, and improves energy efficiency to lower your tool’s total cost of ownership.

The benefits of 8F XP include a significant capacity increase for mixed gas processs to extend times between regen and increase tool utilization. In today’s tightly controlled process environments the importance of transparency cannot be over stated. The XP provides identical pumping speed its 8F predecessor and numerous end users have demonstrated process transparency under a wide range of processes and flow rates.


Brooks Applications Engineering develops solutions with a relentless focus on our customers’ needs.

Our technical consultancy model allows us to innovate, validate, and develop applications that lead to success for our customers. 

For example, our Applications team developed a cryopump hybrid array to address two challenges:  maximizing O2 pumping speed, while providing flexibility during Ar pumping.

Solutions like the Hybrid Array, developed in close collaboration with our customers, provides Process Engineers with the flexibility and tuning necessary for process optimization.

Another challenge was a space simulation application for the design and testing of Xenon thrusters.

Again, our Applications team developed a unique solution, combining 3 in situ Xenon pumps with two On Board cryopumps.  This solution overcame numerous limitations to solve both the speed and large chamber challenges.

Whether it’s training, briefings, upgrades, or technical analysis, we bring global reach to our consultation, and years of experience in solving problems.


Our service offerings are comprehensive, with a “think global / act local” perspective.

With globally situated service centers and offices, we offer Guaranteed Up-Time Support and Rapid Response to support rapid resolution of issues and reliable, best in class customer support.

Our product experts have our customers covered, with a network of field services, training through Brooks University, supply chain management, and a host of other offerings.


Brooks is planning for the future, and will continue to lead the way to help semiconductor manufacturers compete – both in the near term and beyond.