Wafer Level Packaging

Advanced Packaging and Wafer Level Packaging applications require unique automation and wafer handling capabilities to accommodate increasingly thinner and sometimes bowed substrates. Brooks offers a full suite of factory automation handling solutions — available as stand-alone components or part of an integrated system — for both vacuum and atmospheric manufacturing environments. Our solutions handle wafer robots with standard and custom end effectors, mapping of stacked wafers and carriers, wafer inverters and the reliable handling of non-standard substrates and transport fixtures in:

  • 3D Integration and Through Silicon Via (TSV)
  • Wafer Bumping
  • Redistribution

Leveraging our proven experience and deep expertise in front-end semiconductor processing, our automated handling solutions provide unsurpassed quality, reliability and repeatability in this rapidly emerging market. We offer a choice of tailored solutions for addressing:

  • Backend Lithography for thin and thick resist processing
  • CVD/PVD Deposition and Etch
  • Wafer Bonding
  • Wafer Thinning
  • Wet Processing
  • Inspection and Metrology