RFID Case Study: Retail Promotion with POS Terminals

Airport Zurich: Brooks RFID Hardware provides for an interactive Wine Advisory at “Bàcaro fine food shop bar”

At “Bàcaro fine food shop bar”, a creative mix of drink and food specialties, customers not only are given expert and personal advice, but also are provided useful information on chosen wines by an interactive terminal. This information terminal is based on RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification), which enables a contact less transfer of data. This novel solution was implemented by the Swiss company VistaSys using the RFID hardware of Brooks Automation.

After 3 weeks of construction, “Bàcaro fine food shop bar” was opened in Zurich’s Airport Shopping area in April 2008. “Bàcaro fine food shop bar” comes up with special advisory services for their customers. In the wine department they are informed of amenities and highlights of the impressive wines.

Upon taking one of the sample bottles from the shelf and placing it on a small board, a monitor displays sundry information on the wine. Amongst other things, customers are informed of grape variety, decanters or food recommendations. In addition, video clips can be activated via the touch screen, giving further information about the growing regions or producers.

The core piece of this application is an RFID solution, implemented by the companies VistaSys and Brooks Automation. Each sample bottle is equipped with a radio chip, the so-called transponder or tag. The “Wine Information System” (WIS) developed by VistaSys, is a web based software fed with all wines available in the shop. When a bottle is placed on a small board next to the terminal, the RFID Reader by Brooks Automation identifies the bottle’s transponder and sets the WIS in motion, which then activates the according information on a monitor.


Ronny Deroisy, director of “Bàcaro fine food shop bar”, is positively convinced of this interactive wine advisory: “Our customers have responded very favorably to the terminal and make frequent use of it. Everybody is enthusiastic about how the system works and how much information on the wines they receive. It goes without saying that customers are given personal advice by the staff as well. We consider this terminal an additional service for our customers.”

“Bàcaro fine food shop bar” is located in the public shopping area of Zurich Airport, thus accessible for both air and regional passengers.