Access Control

Brooks Automation GmbH – access control plus time management with FUNKY RFID

At a glance...

  • Employees each have their own transponder
  • Assignment of profiles and rights in a database
  • Organization and maintenance of profiles by a Web-based application
  • Access control and time booking in one single medium

RFID Products used

  • FUNKY Access Control
  • RFID Transponder card

RFID Frequency 13,56 MHz (HF)

The challenge

Modern access control is becoming increasingly complex. Considering that large buildings may often quarter a number of different companies or departments, you obviously need reliable control of access to them.

The building that houses Brooks Automation GmbH is part of a property consisting of a number of buildings holding three companies with a total of 200 employees.

What was needed was a reliable system ensuring the people access to their departments, and at the same time offering the possibility of booking and managing the hours that they work.

The implementation

The Brooks building is secured by a FUNKY system using RFID. Only authorized persons can open the doors of the different parts of the company. The system integrates a module for time management so that employees can use the same medium to check in and out for work and when taking breaks. The identification system and the time management software are installed in the building as an integrated network version.

Access control
Brooks secures the entrances to the building and doors on the floors by RFID readers from the FUNKY range. Every employee has a personal transponder to grant access rights and enable booking of working hours and breaks on a time and attendance registration terminal.

Access control works with four readers to monitor a total of five doors. They are connected on an LON network to the FUNKY AC box, which is responsible for information processing and control of the readers. All necessary data such as access authorizations or employee profiles are held in a database, accessed by Web-based software. Access authorizations for some 150 employees are currently administered by the FUNKY Web manager software. User guidance is purely intuitive, so no special database skills are needed.

Time management
The solution integrated in the company building comprises a time and attendance registration system operated by the same transponder as access control. A terminal in the entrance registers hours worked and time taken for breaks. For a booking the employee briefly holds the transponder in front of the reader. The registered times are further processed by the system and entered in TimeCos time management software from Blauhut & Partner for monthly evaluation by human resources accounting.