RFID Standards

Generally it can be said that the development of standards is essential for cross-corporation and international use of new technologies. This also applies to RFID. Only standardized products can communicate with one another across boundaries, and form the basis for networked systems.

The major worldwide standardization bodies are the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and EPCglobal (Electronic Product Code).

The ISO is responsible for a variety of standards, regulating air interfaces, data protocols and applications for instance.

The standard developed by EPCglobal is directed primarily at trade, allocating different products a unique code similar to barcode. But the big advantage compared to barcode is that a single product of a series can be identified (e.g. a yogurt tub) and that not just the series is classified.

Useful Links:

Organization EPCglobal: epcglobalinc.org

Organization ISO: iso.org