RFID Costs

Except for any consultation costs that may occur, three important cost factors
should be mentioned:

  • Costs for the transponder
  • Costs for RFID hardware
  • Cost for software (embedding)

Especially in case of open systems, the transponder costs vary and are therefore an important factor from a controlling standpoint within the total cost of an RFID project. Over time, these costs may considerably exceed the cost of hardware and software and therefore determine the total cost-effectiveness of the solution. In case of closed systems, the transponder costs play a less significant role because they never leave the circuit. Prices of passive transponders can vary from just a few Euro cents up to 50 Euros and more each.

The costs for scanners, antenna technology and network connections are influenced by several variables. The type of protection, scanning range and communication interfaces have a direct effect on the complexity of the device, usually resulting in a higher price. Scanners that can be used within industry are available from approx. 300 Euros and upwards.

The software, which is often deemed as "middleware", and which functions as a data transmitter between the scanner and the existing ERP systems, is the third cost factor. This ranges from simple driver software right up to complex management systems with numerous additional functions such as, e.g. hardware monitoring and analysis tools.
The costs for a complete system can therefore range from just a few Euros right up to well over 100,000 Euros.