RFID and Document Management

RFID Systems: Efficient Document Management Solutions

The benefits of an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system are not limited merely to industrial manufacturing or logistical systems. An RFID system can also provide valuable aid in the area of document management.

The basic principle could not be simpler: relevant documents are tagged with an RFID transponder. The additional technology—consisting of an RFID reader and an RFID antenna—is employed as needed.

Aesthetic solutions, which can also be readily and inconspicuously installed in public or semi-public places such as libraries or office spaces, thereby assure an appealing work environment.

The areas of application are thus as variable as the appearance of the RFID systems themselves: with the help of distinctly visible numbers, documents can be assigned a location, located, archived, filed or traced, and always, of course, unmistakably and quickly identified by the host without the bother and expense of additional labor.

The Functions of an RFID System in Document Management

Since RFID systems can save time and labour especially in the location of documents, increased efficiency is part and parcel of their application. Depending on the field of activity, several possibilites for the systems’ use affect which one is chosen:

  • RFID readers securely affixed on doors enamble the control of document inventories and the tracking and tracing of their circulation. RFID reading devices positioned at entrances and exits can clearly establish whether a document has left or entered an area. Thus in addition to systematic tracing of documents, this identification technology also offers solutions to security problems.
  • By means of small desktop reading devices and antennas whose sophisticated design blends them into the working environment, the systematic search for documents during the work process is made possible. This means that the RFID system can be activated from the work station to reveal the exact storage position of the documents by means of the RFID transponder. This revolutionary technology will obviously and drastically simplify the time consuming manual search for documents in offices and archives.

Benefits of the RFID-Supported Document Management

The opportunities for tracing the circulation of documents by means of the use of RFID systems will assure transparency. The systems will also guarantee independent access to all the information catalogued. They will improve security, reliability and productivity in the work place. Above all, with the aid of information stored in the chips, organisational workflows can sensibly and systematically be improved, and the possibility of precisely locating documents of all kinds at any time additionally saves time and, of course, money.

The installation of an RFID system simplifies and improves the organization of work documents and streamlines working procedures.