Automatic substrate transfer, mapping and alignment are becoming the norm to improve yield, reduce footprint and reduce total cost of ownership as Light Emitting Diodes (LED) manufacturers and equipment makers for those LEDs pursue new ways to reduce cost. Automation for LED substrate transfer requires simple, reliable and predictable performance across many different substrate sizes, payloads and material types.  

A complete suite of solutions has been developed to address many requirements across MOCVD, PVD, Etch, Metrology and Lithography: 

  • High payload atmospheric and vacuum robots
  • Dual end effector approaches for susceptor and wafer transfer
  • Simplified atmospheric handling for 2-8 inch sapphire and silicon
  • Optimized alignment and wafer mapping for sapphire and silicon
  • Buffer stations that can accommodate 16 four inch cassettes and is adaptable to wafer size
  • Turn key and custom vacuum and atmospheric systems
  • Cryopump and cryochilling instrumentation solutions

Leveraging our long history and experience in front end semiconductor processing these products carry unsurpassed quality, reliability and repeatability in this fast emerging market. Brooks is prepared to take on the complete substrate transfer solution or rapidly deploy components for your system integration.  We will be with you with proven solutions through their lifecycle with design, manufacturing, service and support expertise.