Display Manufacturing

Display manufacturing requires unique solutions that incorporate automation, vacuum and water pumping. As the substrates increase in size, display manufacturers require automation setups that allow for the transfer of heavier payloads. Increasing substrate sizes also result in higher gas and water loads, which in turn drive up pumping requirements at critical stages of the manufacturing process. Brooks offers a full suite of automated handling, vacuum and water pumping solutions to meet the needs of this rapidly growing market.

Brooks has earned a leadership position in atmospheric and vacuum substrate handling robots and systems within a broad array of high-end applications. The combination of unrivaled technology and a strong intellectual property portfolio allows Brooks to offer a range of solutions that maximize productivity and minimize cost of ownership to create the manufacturing efficiencies today’s manufacturers demand.

Display technologies are continuously advancing, evolving from Plasma and LCD to LED and OLED within the span of several years. OLED manufacturing processes are performed within an argon- and/or nitrogen-rich vacuum environment which must remain free of water contamination to prevent the rapid degradation and eventual destruction of OLED devices due to oxygen exposure. Brooks offers a wide variety of cryopumps and water pumps to meet these manufacturing challenges. Our vacuum pumps can be used in several locations within a process deposition tool to remove the water or gases at critical points for producing reliable high-resolution displays.