Semiconductor Tool Automation

Semiconductor applications demand high-precision automation and reliable, predictable vacuum performance for wafer transport within clean and controlled environments. Brooks offers a full suite of automated handling solutions — available as standalone components or as part of an integrated system — for both vacuum and atmospheric wafer transfer.

Leveraging our proven cryogenic capability and leadership, Brooks delivers vacuum pumping, cooling and water pumping solutions that provide predictable, particle-free vacuum or cooling performance for even the most demanding applications. In addition, Brooks vacuum instrumentation solutions provide application specific-pressure measurement, pressure control and vacuum quality measurement.

Brooks offers years of experience providing application-specific solutions for Etch, CVD, ALD, PVD, Litho, Clean and Metrology, and Inspection backed by unparalleled technology leadership, industry expertise, and a robust product portfolio that includes:

Brooks has been the leading provider of automation solutions to the semiconductor market for over 20 years.  As wafer size has migrated from 100mm thru 300mm substrates, Brooks leads the transition with proven solutions and components. As the industry transitions to 450mm wafers, Brooks is once again ready to partner with customers to implement 450mm automation either as select components or as part of complete automation systems.


Brooks solutions are backed by a knowledgeable and experienced global service team that spans the United States,  Europe, China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Korea.