Applications Brief: On-Board IS Xenon Cryopump for Space Simulation Applications

Learn how the On-Board IS Xenon Cryopump removes valuable high flow Xenon gas for specialized space simulation applications.

Application Brief Description:

  • Space simulator for Xenon Thrusters Testing
  • Pressure requirements for thruster test environment:
    • Base pressure normally in the 10-7 to 10-8 Torr range
    • Working pressure during performance test normally in the 10-5 Torr range
    • Working pressure of the lifetime test normally in the 10-6 Torr range
      • * Pressure reading is for Xenon, not Nitrogen equivalent pressure
    • The Xenon flow rate is from 50 sccm to 160 sccm
    • Requires a very high Xenon pumping speed (thousands of L/s)
    • Long, continous test period - typically about 1 month

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