General Vacuum & Cryogenics

Vacuum is critical for manufacturing many of the products—from electronic devices to automotive headlight reflectors—that people use in their day-to-day lives. Vacuum is also required in a broad spectrum of critical research applications, such as accelerators and space chambers, which expand our scientific understanding and drive future innovation. Brooks offers our customers a comprehensive product portfolio that addresses a full range of vacuum requirements—from vacuum creation through vacuum measurement and handling. These world-class products have a strong reputation for delivering industry-leading performance, productivity and reliability within their respective areas.

Brooks is the undisputed global leader in cryogenic high-vacuum technology. Our CTI-Cryogenics® cryopumps are used to create high-vacuum environments for critical processes in a wide range of applications within the semiconductor, industrial and research markets. In addition, our Polycold® waterpumps and chillers have become the water pumping and cooling standard for the display manufacturing, semiconductor, industrial markets. 

Through innovative designs and customer-focused applications integration support, Brooks is able to offer tailored solutions for today’s most demanding vacuum applications.