Spartan™ Atmospheric Transport System EFEMs

Traditional “box-style” equipment front-end modules (EFEMs) are produced through the highly labor and time-intensive integration of multiple off-the-shelf components, including atmospheric wafer-handling robotics, loadports, wafer and auto ID, mini-environments, and control software to form a complex tool front-end. Inevitably, this results in frequent problems with interoperability, fault detection and handling, and supplier accountability.

Aware of these complexities and challenges, Brooks offers equipment manufacturers and chipmakers truly, high-performance atmospheric equipment front-end solutions with its Spartan™ EFEM. With its simple, unified design, Spartan EFEM delivers higher throughput, higher particle performance, optimized cleanroom space and lower cost of ownership (COO).

Spartan EFEM Advantages

  • Simple design with proven technologies for higher throughput with improved reliability
  • Better than ISO Class 1 particle performance
  • Integrated design for easy setup and installation, speeding tool qualification
  • Front mount access for fast and easy serviceability

The Spartan EFEM is the industry leader for high throughput 300 mm front-end automation solutions. From the outset, the modular design of the Spartan EFEM offers the flexibility to adapt to a variety of unique OEM applications.

The core of Spartan EFEM lies at its central datum structure, in which all wafer handling components and movement are referenced. This single reference standard allows easy alignment and setup, and is scalable for up to four loadport configurations. Fully compliant with SEMI standards, Spartan EFEM allows for a flexible range of applications, simplifying maintenance and COO.

Maximum Productivity & Profitability

  • Features an optimized mini-environment for best-in-class cleanliness with better than ISO Class 1 performance.
  • Dual, ultra-thin edge-grip wafer handling achieves fast swap time performance for the most demanding applications.
  • Flexible, configurable design and advanced software support allow easy integration, serviceability and maintainability.

Spartan EFEM is smaller, lighter, less complex, more reliable, easier to integrate into 300mm automated fabs, and more energy efficient than any functionally equivalent system. With its industry-leading particle performance, combined with low COO driven by its high reliability, serviceability and maintainability, Spartan EFEM is what Crossing Automation believes is the most powerful EFEM available on the market today.