Spartan™ 450mm Development Platform (Spartan 450-DP)

The new Spartan™ 450mm development platform brings to market a unique, small footprint, low-cost system that allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to reliably get wafers into and out of process chambers. This single FOUP EFEM accelerates OEMs 450mm development efforts by eliminating the need to spend engineering time on platform development. This highly scalable platform allows OEMs to easily migrate to high volume production, with no software and hardware interface changes.

Key Features

  • Combines production-proven 300mm components with the 450mm Certon™ Load Port
  • Scale-up of Spartan™ EFEM Wafer Engine-Integrated load port
  • Optional pre-aligner

Small footprint

  • Width: 1.4m
    Depth: 1.4m