Yaskawa (YEC) M201 Atmospheric Robot

The Yaskawa (YEC) M201 is a highly efficient, fast swap atmospheric robot, especially when combined with linear motor track options. YEC SemiStar robotics products are the benchmark for semiconductor industry EFEM solutions and are a key part of the Brooks Automation Atmospheric Robotics portfolio.

Dual arm for high throughput and functional flexibility

YEC has a rich history in motion control and robotics and leverages its exclusive Yaskawa Sigma™ series technology in the motors, encoders and motion controls used in all robots. Through decades of robot development and tens of thousands of robots in operation, YEC continues to enhance and improve upon its world-renowned drive technology. This established technology ensures high reliability and significantly reduces the cost of ownership.

Features and Benefits

  • 300mm, 200mm, and reticle compatible - Easy to modify for different wafer sizes
  • Dual-Arm 4-axis motion (R1, R2, Theta, Z) - Fast wafer swap
  • Motors based on Yaskawa Sigma technology - Highly reliable, proven motor technology
  • Absolute encoders with integral battery backup - Fast, reliable, and safe positioning without start-up homing
  • Wide variety of options including 2 track lengths - Ideal for 3 or 4 loadport EEM applications
  • Worldwide support - Product support is available worldwide 24x7

The M201 is a high performance dual arm robot designed for fast swapping 300mm and smaller wafers. When paired with a linear track, the M201 is ideally suited to high throughput 3 and 4 loadport EFEM applications. The 1010mm track reaches three 300mm loadports, while the 1515mm track designed for four 300mm loadports also includes a driver to boost the motor speed to maintain a high wafer transfer rate. Without a track, the M201 can reach one loadport using radial motion and two loadports using a mongoose motion.

The absolute encoders on all axes provide excellent safety, precision and repeatability. The integral battery backup allows fast, reliable, and safe positioning during start-up.

A variety of options allow users to configure the automation system for each application. The M201 robot has standard solutions for vacuum and edge grip applications, with or without throughbeam wafer mapping, and can support custom or customer-supplied solutions. A variety of wafer aligners are available to complete the automation system.

The M201+ is a variation of the M201. It offers both a longer Z stroke and a higher payload. The payload capacity is double the M201 making the M201+ optimal for batch end effector requirements.