M2090 Reticle Changer/Stocker

The Brooks M2090 Reticle Changer/Stocker is a reticle/mask exchange, inspection and stocker system. I/O stations allow transfer of the reticle/mask between all scanner/stepper and shipping boxes, such as Canon, Nikon, ASML, Toppan, Hoya, DMS box etc.). An optional storage rack can be located in the backside of the tool.

Key Features

  • Fully automated reticle/mask handling
  • Class 1 mini-environment/ESD/AMC
  • Reticle storage
  • Reticle orientation
  • Reticle code identification
  • RF-tag or barcode identification of boxes
  • Bright light visual inspection
  • Embedded metrology tool
  • N2 blow off