Video: 300mm to 200mm Cassette Adapter

Allows 300mm equipment to process 200mm wafers in 200mm cassettes. No wafer transfer required.

Uses a kinematic plate on the bottom. Register on kinematic pins i.e. on a load port. The bottom features planting/latching mechanisms on the load port.

Placement of the adapter on the load port will activate the sensors on the load port.
Placement of the cassette on the adapter will activate the placements sensors on the load port.

AM-3006 - Universal cassette registration design is compatible with the vast majority of cassettes on the market.

AM-3006-2-LGE - Accommodates through beam mapping. 
A wafer pushing mechanism at the rear allows you to push the wafers forward and partially out of the cassette exposing the front edge of the wafers to the mapping.

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