Video: 300mm Automation Tools

These tools are part of a 300mm suite available from Brooks to help you keep your fab up and running with minimum downtime. Brooks Automation creates manufacturing efficiency and accelerates profitability.

Product Video for:

LP-3004 300mm Load Port Checker

The fastest method of aligning and checking load ports. Inspects 16 parameters for load port alignment using a report card screen and real-time graphic display screens. LP3004 helps solve problems by identifying the root cause.


  • Ease of use
  • Increased MTBF
  • Reduced MTTR
  • Reduced finger-pointing regarding automation issues
  • Improved fab throughput

The LP3004 keeps your fab up and running.

RC-3003 300mm Robotic Alignment Tool

5X faster than eyeball alignments.
Helps eliminate wafer scratching
Improves wafer handling by utilizing optical non-contact measurement sensors to analyze robotic motion.

EL-Series Next Generation Electronic Level Wafer

This high-resolution, high accuracy and versatile tool is designed to match the geometry and weight of a silicon wafer. It is the ideal tool for keeping equipment "on the level".