Video: 200mm Cassette Checker (MC-2000)

Placed on any table top. Used to dimensionally inspect wafer cassettes to determine whether they are within or out of tolerance.

A number of features on the cassette are inspected. A series of microswitches and geometric features are used to perform the inspection.

Inspects the following:

  • track area
  • H-bar region on the track of the cassette
  • overall length
  • inside and outside width
  • the warp of the track
  • the centering feature
  • overall flatness and squareness

H-bar surface features inspected:

  • Bow
  • Dimensions of the registration feature
  • contact points with the cassette platform
  • overall flatness and squareness

These are the critical dimensions on the cassette that most commonly warp over time and create handling issues.

A light indicates pass or fail. Accepts various cassette styles for inspection. Quickly inspect all of the cassettes in the fab.

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