300mm Kinematic Pins

(KP-3000 & KP-3001)

KP-3000 300mm Kinematic Pin 430w

Concentrate on your business - let Brooks take care of the interface! The KP-3000 Kinematic Coupling Pins, one of the Brooks INTERFACE series of products, have been designed to reduce your interface problems. Manufactured to strict SEMI standards, our kinematic coupling pins provide you peace of mind. Neatly packaged sets of three matched pins are available in either press-fit or threaded configurations.

The Brooks Alignment Services Division increases silicon yield and equipment uptime by improving critical wafer handling operations. Products include robotic alignment systems, bridge adapters for 300mm to 200mm, load port alignment systems, electronic levels, carbon fiber and glass dummy wafers, and cassette inspection tools. Services include tool and fab-wide calibration services. 


  • Available in threaded or press-fit style to meet your design requirements. 
  • Sold in sets of three.
  • Complies with SEMI E 57 Specifications.


  • Save money. 
  • Simplify your 300mm equipment design with this drop-in solution. 
  • Save engineering time.


  • Available in threaded or press-fit style to meet your design requirements
  • Threaded style requires a 12mm diameter x 1mm deep counter bore with a through hole with clearance for a #8 threaded screw
  • Press-fit style requires a drilled and reamed hole .375" diameter
  • Complete installation instructions are included with each shipment
  • Complies with SEMI E57 Specification
  • Part size: 12mm diameter x 13mm 
  • Part weight: 0.05 kg (1 oz)
  • Part Numbers:
    • KP-3000 — Threaded (set of 3)
    • KP-3001 — Press-fit (set of 3)