300mm to 200mm Cassette Adapter in 300mm Load Port


AM-3006 300mm to 200mm Cassette Adapter in 300mm Load Port 430w

It’s a fact; handling 300mm wafers is expensive! The Brooks AM-3006 wafer adapter allows 200mm wafers to be handled on a 300mm load port — saving you money! Simply place the unit on the kinematic pins and place a 200mm open cassette on the adapter. Remove the adapter at any time to return to 300mm capability.

The Brooks Alignment Services Division increases silicon yield and equipment uptime by improving critical wafer handling operations. Products include robotic alignment systems, bridge adapters for 300mm to 200mm, load port alignment systems, electronic levels, carbon fiber and glass dummy wafers, and cassette inspection tools. Services include tool and fab-wide calibration services.


  • Allows 200mm wafers to be handled on a 300mm load port.
  • Manufactured from anodized aluminum.
  • Allows clearance for end-effectors.
  • References on primary or secondary kinematic pins.
  • Can return to 300mm capability by simply removing the adapter.
  • Works on most load ports.
  • Compatible with static and dynamic retention methods.
  • Fits all 200mm cassettes.
  • Easily handle 200mm wafers on 300mm equipment.


  • Save time.
  • Easily switch from 200mm to 300mm.
  • Save money using 200mm reference wafers.
  • Enjoy latest generation 300mm tools and still process 200mm wafers.
  • Test process changes on lower cost 200mm wafers.


  • Manufactured from anodized aluminum
  • Compatible with load ports from all manufacturers
  • Compatible with all popular 200mm cassettes
  • Available in 300mm to 150mm configurations
  • Part size: 250mm x 250mm x 25mm (10" x 10” x 1")
  • Part weight: 1 kg (2 lb)