200mm Robot Alignment Tool (RC-2005)

RC-2005 200mm Robot Aligner Tool

Stop “eyeball” alignments! Brooks ALIGN™ series of alignment tools provide a fast, repeatable, and highly accurate method of aligning your wafer handling equipment. Versatile software in the RC-2005 aligns a range of wafer handlers. Save your wafers and save your time!

The RC-2005 Robotic Alignment Tool uses optical non-contact measurement sensors to analyze robotic motion.  The motion of the wafer is characterized by five different degrees of freedom: X, Y, Z, RX, and RY.  Using on-screen instructions and “real time” graphical displays, the technician can make accurate adjustments to the machine setup.  Numerical readouts provide statistical analysis, while Pass/Warn/Fail labels allow for fast, simple inspection of robots.


  • On-screen instructions provide intuitive operation.
  • “Real Time” Display screens provide fast and accurate robot setup and adjustments.
  • Optical non-contact measurement sensors analyze robotic motion.
  • Wafer motion is characterized in 5 degrees of freedom:  X, Y, Z, RX, & RY.
  • Bubble screen provides intuitive display of platform or wafer pitch and roll.


  • Improve wafer handling.
  • Save maintenance time.
  • Reduce MTTR.
  • Increase MTBF.
  • Reduce particulation and increase yield.
  • Eliminate wafer scratching.


  • Non-subjective and highly repeatable sensors replace the traditional “eyeball” alignment
  • Intuitive display guides operator to correct robot position for X, Y, Z, rX, and rY (height, rotation, extension, pitch, and roll)
  • Easy to read real-time display allows platform leveling
  • Can be used to check or teach alignment
  • Self-contained unit is battery operated
  • Windows® CE-based controller provides power and flexibility
  • SEMI-compatible profile assures interface with nearly all wafer handling equipment.
  • Drop-in replacement for cassette in most equipment.
  • Power required: 110/220-volt charger included
  • Part size: 225mm x 225mm x 200mm (9" x 9" x 8")
  • Part weight: 3.6kg (8.0 lb)