150mm Robot Alignment Tool (RC-1504)

RC-1504 Robot Alignment Tool 430w

Stop “eyeball” alignments! Brooks ALIGN series of alignment tools provide a fast, repeatable, and highly accurate method of aligning your wafer handling equipment. Optimized for cluster tools, the RC-1504 Robot Alignment Tool will increase your yield and throughput with more accurate alignments while saving up to 75% of the time required by “eyeball” alignments. Stop finger pointing with a fast inspection, which identifies problem areas in minutes, and replace subjective “eyeball” alignments with a fast and accurate scientific solution.

Brooks Alignment Services Division increases silicon yield and equipment uptime by improving critical wafer handling operations. Products include robotic alignment systems, bridge adapters for 300mm to 200mm, load port alignment systems, electronic levels, carbon fiber and glass dummy wafers, and cassette inspection tools. Services include tool and fab-wide calibration services.


  • On-screen instructions provide intuitive operation.
  • “Real Time” Display screens provide fast and accurate robot setup and adjustments.
  • Optical non-contact measurement sensors analyze robotic motion.
  • Wafer motion is characterized in 5 degrees of freedom: X, Y, Z, RX, & RY.
  • Report card quickly identifies problem areas.
  • Real-time graphics and calculators painlessly guide you to an optimal teach.


  • Improve wafer handling.
  • Save maintenance time.
  • Reduce MTTR.
  • Increase MTBF.
  • Reduce particulation and increase yield. 
  • Eliminate wafer scratching.


  • Non-subjective and highly repeatable sensors replace the traditional “eyeball” alignment
  • Intuitive display guides operator step-by-step through the measurement process
  • Operator quickly gets current calibration status
  • Operator is guided thorough adjustment steps
  • Blade trajectory is measured with analog sensor array
  • Optimized platform level is indicated
  • Self-contained unit is battery operated
  • Windows® CE-based controller provides power and flexibility
  • SEMI-compatible profile assures interface with nearly all wafer handling equipment.
  • Drop-in replacement for cassette in most equipment.
  • Power required: 110/220-volt charger included
  • Part size: 178mm x 178mm x 146mm (7" x 7" x 5.75")
  • Part weight: 2.26kg (5.0 lb)