300mm Load Port Checker With AMHS Compatibility (LP-3004)

LP-3004 Load Port Checker

Introducing the next generation of aligning and checking your load ports! Used as an inspection tool, the Load Port Checker LP-3004 can quickly determine if your load ports are in specification. Used as an alignment tool, the LP-3004 will reduce your setup times and improve your accuracy by providing non-subjective and precise indications of optimal load port alignment.

The Load Port Checker LP-3004 inspects 16 parameters for load port alignment. The “real-time” display screens allow for fast, accurate load port setups, while on-screen instructions guide the technician through adjustments. “Report Card” screens provide for quick and easy inspections, minimizing operator errors. 


  • “Report Card” screens provide quick and easy inspection.
  • “Real Time” Display screens provide fast and accurate robot setup and adjustments.
  • Numerical displays for statistical tracking to specifications.
  • On-screen instructions provide intuitive operation.
  • Inspects 16 parameters for load port alignment.
  • Embedded computer data logging


  • Reduce load port MTTR.
  • Increase load port MTBF. 
  • Easy to use.   
  • Reduce automation “finger-pointing” issues.
  • Identify and solve root cause problems. 
  • Improve fab throughput.
  • Keep load ports up and running.

Design Specifications

  • Embedded computer provides intuitive real-time display of door position at each corner, frame position at each corner, registration pin position, latch key depth and platform level
  • Self-contained, rechargeable electronics package provides hours of use
  • Highly sensitive, electronic level provides 0.01 degree resolution
  • Precision digital indicators measure door, frame, registration pin and latch key locations to 0.01 mm
  • Fully SEMI compliant for load port interface, stocker storage, and AMHS transport

Other Specifications

  • Part size:  36cm x 46cm x 33cm (14" x 18" x 13")
  • Part weight: 10 kg (23 lbs)
  • Power requirements:  100/220v charger (included)
  • Shipping size:  55cm x 55cm x 55cm (22" x 22" x 22")
  • Shipping weight:  15 kg (33 lb)