Next Generation Electronic Wafer Level


EL-series Electronic Wafer Level 4700 430w

Keep all of your equipment “on-the-level” with the Brooks electronic level wafer. It will be the most used item in your toolkit!

Matching the weight of a silicon wafer, this versatile tool’s design allows use on end effectors and wafer handling blades as well as in wafer cassettes and quartz boats. The simple-to-use display allows you to level to earth or to your own user-defined reference plane.  Intuitive graphics and touch screen simplify operation, while the remote real-time display is convenient for remote adjustments.


  • 2-Axis electronic level for leveling to ground or to a learned reference
  • Numerical readout for both pitch and roll allows for statistical analysis and calibration to specification 
  • Intuitive graphics screens and touch screen LCD simplify operation
  • Adjustments can be made conveniently using the remote real-time display
  • Carbon fiber wafer mimics the geometry and weight of a silicon wafer
  • New high resolution, high accuracy electronic level
  • New low profile – fits through more slit valves
  • Fast settling time
  • Improved software with user setup capabilities
  • Settable tolerances w/ graphical pass/fail indication
  • Data logging allows dynamic studies and facilitates monitoring equipment over time


  • Save time aligning equipment
  • Increase yield and throughput
  • Solve root-cause handling issues
  • Eliminate wafer scratches
  • Increase MTBF


  • Highly sensitive electronic level 
  • Numerical readout of pitch and roll
  • Remote display can be seen from point of adjustment
  • User can define a reference plane
  • Part weight approximates weight of silicon wafer
Form Factor Product Number
150mm EL-1503
200mm EL-2003
300mm EL-3003
450mm EL-4503
1” X 3” X 3” Block EL-5003
Reticle EL-5003-Reticle

  • Accuracy: ± 0.02 degrees near zero
  • Repeatability: ± 0.02 degrees 
  • Resolution: 0.001 degrees
  • Total range: ± 8 degrees
  • Shipping weight: 3 kg (6 lb)